About Me

Curtis M. Kularski


I am a doctoral student at UNC Charlotte. I hold a Master of Arts in Ethics & Applied Philosophy and graduate certificates in Cognitive Science and Gender & Sexuality Studies.  I open with an overview of my academic life not only because it is presently the center of my focus, but also because it is a model for the way my life has shaped itself. I live in multiple directions at once (spherically, perhaps) and I am constantly putting myself into multiple activities at the same time. I find that crossing the traditional boundaries of the disciplines makes me more able to execute each of the others more effectively.

Adding to my academic life there are my hobbies, most of which I would classify as artistic. I enjoy film photography, digital photography (HDR, macro, astro, long-exposure), ceramics (wheel throwing), website developing (PHP, HTML) and some light programming (C#). My interdisciplinary approach is visible between my hobbies as well. One of my major programming projects is an application that allows me to record information about film exposures and then later embed that information in the ExIf header of the scanned files of each negative (http://exif35.pcfire.net).

I like that my aesthetic skills reach across all of my activities. I consider design elements of everything I do, from composing an image to the structure of my code in programming and everything between (including user-interface design). Generally I try to be a well-rounded individual in my academic, personal and professional activities, although it is sometimes difficult as passions of the moment do tend to draw me in one direction or another.