Definition: To Throw An Egg

Throw An Egg – to use a lump of clay to create (“throw”) a closed form on the potter’s wheel, resembling an egg. //Just a simple clarification for anyone who thought I was planning to make a mess with yolks this evening.

Not Much

New Entry to the “New Curtis Dictionary” Not Much – standard response given to “what are you up to?”. This statement is not to be taken literally, but is a placeholder responses when the present activity is determined to be not worthy of mention, or is dull.


Confirm – to authoritively acknowledge a query. (mine) Confirm 1. to give approval to : RATIFY (Webster) Confirm 2. to give new assurance of the validity of : remove doubt about by authoritative act or indisputable fact (Webster) “Scientists confirmed the 10th planet” – what the fuck is wrong with these media people? Only IAU […]


Ramping is the increase of heat inside a kiln. A Ramp Rate is the speed at which this occurs, it is messured in Degrees Farenheight per Hour. to calculate ramp rate: Final Temprature (or estimate) of chamber – Original Temprature of Chamber __________________________________________ Time to Complete (in hours) for example, the kiln completed firing yesterday […]