Without Words, There Is Meaning

One common problem that is considered in Queer theory is the absence of words to discuss some aspects of life. The vocabulary of life is controlled by dominant forces and therefore minority cases (whether numerical or social minority) are often left without the appropriate forces of language to discuss and therefore give social substance to […]

Why penetrative intercourse?

It is late. This may be terse. Why must gay guys engage in penetrative intercourse? Why does penetrative intercourse define what is gay? What does it bring to a relationship? To me it seems as though it is an attempt to appropriate heterosexual standards for relationships and sexuality. Is there not more to intimacy than […]

Quote I Found

I was digging in GITI a bit ago, looking for quotes I had saved from people, I found this one from Guy, it really seems to symbolize a lot of what I feel lately: “my man has to be fast enough to catch me, strong enough to wrestle me to the ground, and loving enough […]