Figure Drawing

Over the past few days I have made several attempts at figure drawing. I have attempted to read the book that I borrowed from the UNC Library,The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. I find the book to be a little hard to follow and not as useful as I would like in a book […]

Getting a Handle on the Instrument

This image is evidence that I presently suck at using the CyberPad as a drawing tool. It will take me some time, but I intend to become proficient in using the pad for anything I can find to possibly use it for, including as an artistic tool for drawing. I attribute most of the crudeness […]

Missing Grade

I now know all of my grades for Spring 2008, except for my Drawing II class. All of my other instructors have either posted their grades to the registrars, or sent emails, but my Drawing II instructor is still keeping me in suspense. I feel like I did well with the drawing course, but with […]

Back to Perspective

So far in Drawing 2 I haven’t enjoyed anything more than I did in drawing 1, until now. We are presently working on perspective. In this course, we are going at it more aesthetically and a lot less technically. I am currently working on a piece that I am really happy with so far. Its […]

Final Grade – ART131

My Gaston College course, Drawing 1 (ART131) closed this evening. The final grade for the course is: A Images of my work will be posted here during the post-semester blogging period.

First Few Drawing Works

A few of my drawing works have been scanned. They are a bit too big for the scanner bed, so they will appear with lines where they have been patched together.

Drawing Course Preliminary Information

In preparation for my drawing course during the fall, I have begun looking at information for the course. I have looked at information in the North Carolina Community College System Common Course Library, as well a previous semester syllibi from CPCC. I will be taking the course at Gaston, but I assume the courses will […]