Wad Author

A few weeks ago I mentioned Doom Builder as a WAD editing utility for Doom maps, but after much unsuccessful attempting to work on WADs, both creating my own maps and editing existing maps, as well as crashing of the utility, I went back diving for a new tool. I came up with Wad Author, […]

Toy of the Day: Doom Builder

Having played Doom almost nightly for over a year now, Chris and I are quickly depleting the maps available to play. Based on my own interests as well as that feeling of running out of an exhaustible resource I am looking at the option of building some WADs (a collection of 32 maps/levels) of my […]

The Psychological Impact of Doom

For the past few months I have been playing a PC video game, something that wasn’t normal for me for the longest portion of my life (unless we include Chess, Checkers, and Minesweeper). For a long time I never had any interest in computer games, especially not first person shooters, I considered them to be […]