Social Implications of Space Travel

Recently there has been a bit of activity in news and media regarding the likelihood of Earth-size (correct gravity) planets in habitable zones (correct temperature) of their home star [see one here].  This means that the planet could potentially host human life. When considering that possibility I begin thinking about what would happen to the […]

Worst Image of M42 Ever

I do believe this is the worst image of the Great Nebula in Orion that has ever existed: I must say I am at least somewhat proud of it though, since I have never seen anything like this in any of my astrophotographs at all until now. I’m kind of proud of my little pink […]

Another Shot At Astrophotography

This is by no means the crispest, best shot that has ever been taken, but it is my attempt at doing shorter exposure night sky objects. This object seemed to be close to the brightness of the waxing gibbous moon (image below). Based on the best information I have available, this object is likely Jupiter […]

Astrophotography Annoyance

I have been fighting with my Orion SpaceProbe 130 on the topic of astrophotography for quite a while now, originally with the midget Nikon N7900, which went ok, then with the Fujifilm S5200, which was worse and then with the Nikon D60, which was almost a nightmare, in all configurations. After visiting my local planetarium […]

Missing What Is In Front of Me

I have been waiting for a package to arrive from Orion for the past 8 days, today it arrived. From another place, Adorama, I ordered a part as well, it arrived on Tuesday. I ordered both parts on the same day, believing that the parts were compatible parts that needed each other to function. The […]

Astronomy and my view of our Universe

Tonight while doing some astronomy homework I managed to get lost in the last 2 chapters of the textbook, “The Beginning and the End” as well as “Life on Other Planets”. I don’t know how I got lost in these chapters, but they are more philosophical than the rest of the textbook. Its is very […]

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

There will be a full lunar eclipse for all parts of the world that experiences night at 0143 GMT (2043 EST and 1943 CST). It will occur Wednesday Evening/Thursday morning February 20/21, 2008. The full event lasts just over 3 hours, but we will experience totality for about 50 minutes. Totality will begin at 0300 […]

Welcome to the Universe

My Astronomy course started yesterday and so far I’m excited. The course structure and the text book are based on Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos“. Before yesterday, I had heard of Sagan’s work, but I’ve never seen “Cosmos”. For the first class we watched the first episode of “Cosmos”. We were supposed to review the syllabus, but […]