Missing What Is In Front of Me

I have been waiting for a package to arrive from Orion for the past 8 days, today it arrived. From another place, Adorama, I ordered a part as well, it arrived on Tuesday. I ordered both parts on the same day, believing that the parts were compatible parts that needed each other to function. The desired function in this case is to mount my 55mm camera to my telescope’s T-mount (the lens insertion function). The part from Adorama is a 55mm to “standard” adapter. The Orion part is a “standard” to telescope adapter… considered to be a universal part. When the Orion part arrived today I tried to put it together with the Adorama part, as I thought they should fit… they didn’t fit. I became immediately irritated and almost gave up on the whole project.. until I noticed that both adapters seemed to have a common end… a female thread component. I went to my telescope with the Adorama part, lined up the threads and screwed it on… it fit. So… apparently “standard” isn’t really standard… it ended up being that the Adorama “standard” was the standard for telescope lens connections, and the Orion standard is the SLR camera standard…. oops. Either way, I now have a reliable way to connect my camera to my telescope… and apparently I have had that ability for several days.