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To summarize succinctly Shaviro’s argument in this week’s reading: Modern digital video is different from historical analog cinematography. This analysis might be an over-simplification of the argument, but at a basic level it holds. The issue is what that difference means for the ability of video (general term to catch “film”, cinema and related time-spanning […]

New Materialism

I approach this week’s reading on New Materialism with deep understanding of the work of Anne Fausto-Sterling. As such I feel most comfortable to direct my thoughts to the Samantha Frost chapter “The Implications of the New Materialisms for Feminist Epistemology”. The introductory paragraphs touch on the interesting history that feminism has had with corporeality.  […]

Intersectionality vs. Assemblages

Intersectionality is concerned with the subject and the multiplicity of subject identity in relation to the culture surroundings of the subject or the ability of the subject to have a multiple perspective due to the sum of the subject’s identity (and potentially past experiences). Assemblages, in Deluzian tradition, are a more solid experience that does […]

Fall 2013 Paper Available

Normally at the conclusion of a semester I have multiple academic papers to release, but for this semester there is only one. This is as a result of only one of my courses having a major written component that would be appropriate for publication. This paper is now available for download.   Commodified Gender Performance […]

Great Academic Advice

I have been stressing myself over the lack of productive thought that I feel like I have generated for my directed readings in subcultural (punk) masculinities and as such contacted my project advisor to update her on my status and seek advice or insight into my situation. Her key response to me was “create questions”. […]

ART390 – Lesson 10

(lesson 9 to be posted in the next week) X "Two photos of yourself" (haven’t done them yet) "Two photos of a person you know well" (My cousin, Alexis) "Two photographs of a person you do not know well" (My aunt’s neighbor, Darien)

Another Quote

I read this quote, read it again, and then finally decided I need to share it. It is factual, but not something I thought of before. Now I must ask… is it the homosexuals or the heterosexuals who are unnatural? “we [humans] are the only species in which men [males] and women [females] copulate face-to-face”

Universal Language of Music

I got hooked on this song before I even knew what any of the words meant. It is instrumentally (including voacally) very uplifting. Im still trying to decipher the lyrics and my opinion about them. ———— Burdah – Mesut Kurtis Chorus Mawlaya salli wa sallim da-Iman abadan ‘Ala habibika khayril khalqi kullihimi (Oh my Master, […]

Part of a Whole

It could be said that any part is a whole in itself, because any one thing that is identifiable is “one”, a whole.