Thesis: Outline for a Literature Review

My central question for my thesis still eludes me, but I have at least assembled an outline of the technical part of the literature review: An Introduction to the Domain Naming System Reference to initial RFCs Classic gTLDs 2003 Additional TLDs The new gTLD Process Price Differences Between new gTLDs and classic gTLDs Price Differences […]

Entering “Thesis Summer”

At this point in my graduate school career I should have narrowed down a thesis topic and be prepared to engage in a detailed literature review of that topic over the next several months. Unfortunately I have yet to isolate my thoughts that closely and feel like I am not ready to begin my literature review […]

Formulating a Thesis Topic

Last semester there was a faculty member who strongly suggested that I avoid using anything involving sadomasochism or fetishism as a thesis topic. As a result I began secondary topic searches on the topics of the digital divide and gaps in digital literacy. While the topic interested me some, it was not as interesting or […]

Assembling My Committee

Very soon it will be time for me to form my thesis committee. In some ways the process has already started by me selecting Vaughn as my thesis chair, faculty mentor and academic advisor. As I get closer to my final topic I must work to form my committee. I am having trouble deciding how […]

Considering My Academic Work

Beginning with my entry into the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies certificate program last year my research interests have been somewhat narrow, focusing on homosexuality and alternative sexualities. These are are areas that are very special to me, but yet an exclusive focus on these areas do not fully represent me as an academic. After […]

Making Sense of Identity

I have been struggling for the past 3 weeks to establish the baseline for my work toward my thesis as well as the more current pressing matter of my directed readings project. Trying to assemble these thoughts I have come up with the following paragraph: At the core of a social life is the construct […]

A Postmodern Sociology

During my year in the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies graduate certificate program I encountered critical theory, postmodernism and poststructuralism numerous times. It just goes with the territory. It is difficult to study gender or sexuality without being able to deconstruct it and the best tools for that are provided by postmodern thought. Deconstructing the […]