Potential Thesis Topic: Contextual Sadomasochist Identity

Presented below is one potential idea for a thesis topic. It is merely a notion of an idea that I have that has been thrown into a basic abstract format for simplicity and clarity (and potentially future use in a thesis proposal). It is still very sketchy, but it is an idea I would like to run with.

ABSTRACT: This thesis explores the social context in which sadomasochism exists. The sadomasochist identity is dual homed in being a viable alternative sexuality and in being classified as a deviant identity. Sadomasochistic identity carries with it negative social sanctions, just as sadomasochistic behavior can carry legal sanctions. Despite external negative reactions, participants in mutual consenting sadomasochistic relationships report positive attitudes. The objective of this thesis is to explore existing literature of both positive and negative interpretations of sadomasochism and identify symbolic relationships between the deviant identity and the values of mainstream culture.

Sociology: Social Psychology: Identity: Deviant Identity: Sadomasochist: Social Context