Beginning Doctoral Study

Somehow in my life, nothing ever quite happens exactly as I expect or plan it. My admission to a doctoral degree program is no different. I was originally anticipating enrolling in a doctoral program in Fall 2019 after spending a full year evaluating my options. Now I am admitted to the PhD in Educational Research, […]

The Kindle Dilemma in Academic Resources

For myself and many other students the invention of e-readers, specifically Amazon’s Kindle, has lifted a burden of carrying numerous physical volumes and has given us quick access to new resources that we may have otherwise not obtained had we been restricted to physical volumes. The problem is: citation styles do not keep up. I […]

End of 2012

I haven’t posted a lot in the past month, I suppose I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my weeks off before returning to academics in January. I also believe I may be lacking in anything profound to post for now. That in itself may be a major change for me in 2012. I am […]

Safe Spaces

Many things have come together today to make me think about the relationship between identity and space. The first prompting of these thoughts was in an article that I was reading (Bell, David, et al. "All Hyped Up And No Place To Go." Gender, Place and Culture (1994): 31-47.), and then another was in a […]

Frustration with’s Add-On Program

I am an Amazon Prime customer and have been for several years. I am accustomed to getting the best customer service experience that Amazon can offer. Unfortunately that has become a far worse experience in the past few months as a result of Amazon’s “new” Add-On Program. First thing to note about “Add-On”: the basis […]

In the confines of identity

As a member of various fetish and BDSM communities I have been silent on the topic of identity related to those communities, primarily because the unity of identity is important to the salience of the community and to the continuance of an open and supportive environment for those who feel that they have a sexual […]

Why I Hate The Closet

October 11th is National Coming Out Day in the United States and seven other countries. I am very happy to for the most part live an open life in which I do not have to hide my true self from the majority of the people with whom I interact. There are still some areas of […]

Invasion of My Personal E-mail

I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the amount of automated e-mail that has reached my personal inbox and my academic inbox. I maintain special e-mail accounts for automated e-mail, commercial e-mail and anything that is not directly personal correspondence or academic correspondence. I have been placed in an awkward position by two large entities that […]

Without Words, There Is Meaning

One common problem that is considered in Queer theory is the absence of words to discuss some aspects of life. The vocabulary of life is controlled by dominant forces and therefore minority cases (whether numerical or social minority) are often left without the appropriate forces of language to discuss and therefore give social substance to […]