What the F

Last January I bought a Nikon F6, the most advanced film SLR camera ever created. Over the past few weeks I have been tracking down a Nikon F, Nikon’s original film SLR, camera on eBay. The F6 has fully electronic control and a self-diagnosing shutter. The F is fully mechanical and is not at all […]

Experimenting with Rollei IR 400

I have been fascinated by IR photography since I first figured out what it was. I started off as a digital camera brat, so most of my experiences were with really slow shutter speeds on a sensor mostly protected from IR light. Since returning to film I have gotten back into IR and find that […]

ExIf 35 – Re-evaluating an Abandoned Project

I started the ExIf 35 project (http://exif35.pcfire.net) in 2010 when I returned to shooting film. Perhaps I’m metadata obsessed, or just crazy, but I decided I wanted good ExIf data on my scans of film photos. In the six years since I started the project I allowed myself to reach a point where I felt […]

Response to Ken Rockwell’s ‘Why We Love Film’

I have read Ken Rockwell’s reviews of lenses for years before buying them, and aside from his necessary self-promotion at the end of each review, I’ve found his site quite informative and helpful. Last evening I ran across his post entitled ‘Why We Love Film’ (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/why-we-love-film.htm) and found myself approaching the post as a dual-medium […]

Advanced Digital and Pseudo-Digital Film Photography

Digital photography and film photography are different. This seems like a logical place to start, perhaps too basic, but logical.  For me there are a lot of similarities between digital photography and film as well though because after the analog printing process the negatives are scanned and enter my digital image processing workflow. My digital […]

An Update to My Developing Process

Over three years ago when I first dove into film photography and the related development process I wrote an article, The Developing Process. In that time I have adjusted some of the basic techniques a bit and have changed my materials as well. Last time was just a list of steps, this is perhaps less […]

Somewhere Between Film and Sensor

For the past two years a lot of my photography has been in the form of black and white film photography. I accepted film as a challenge: a new medium to explore and learn from. I have come to realize that I have taken film photography as far as I intended to take it and […]

ExIf Necessity

When it comes to photographic metadata I am obsessive. If an application modifies my ExIf data without telling me, then I am annoyed. This has become increasingly apparent to me recently with some of the tasks that I have attempted to accomplish and their outcome. First of all, several weeks ago I attempted to program […]

Film and Developer from a Novice Perspective

I have been working with film photography off and on for about 2 years now, since about March 2010. I have used a variety of films and chemicals since the beginning. I am now slowly learning what everything I have been working with does and how each element impacts the outcome of the final image. […]