Self-Critique of the Latest Film Rolls

1. I need to learn to be less afraid of different apertures. I shoot a lot with my aperture wide open (smallest f/ratio). This shot of a mushroom cluster could have been a lot better had I closed the aperture some and gotten a little more depth. Probably not f/8, but perhaps f/4 or 5.6 […]

Frustration of a Film Photographer in the Digital Age

It takes 2 minutes to scan a single BW 35mm negative on a traditional scanner at 2400dpi It takes 7 minutes to scan a single BW 35mm negative on a traditional scanner at 4800dpi Traditional scanners use “trays” and “adapters” which are not part of the scanner itself to hold negatives, this results in things […]

Amendment to Image Coding Rules

This blog entry amends “My Image Coding System”. Cropped Naming (Multiple Orientations of Same Crop): DSC_9999-8×10L.jpg or DSC_9999-8x10P.jpg Due to a client specifically requesting 8×10 format, I have found myself in a situation where I will attempt crops multiple ways, since the low ratio 4:5 lends itself to taking things either direction, compared to something […]

Spider Lilly Close-Up

Spider lilies are really neat looking, especially close up. I haven’t done many photos lately, so I’m looking for subjects to get me back started.

Considering Project 365 Again

It has been almost a year since I started project 365, but unfortunately, I abandoned it around day 120. Now that it is coming back around to that time of year again, I’m considering trying again. I have been pretty lame at the whole photo thing lately, not really doing any for fun, just when […]

Committing Myself to Macro

I have just done something that I don’t know if it is silly or not. I have just purchased a Nikon AF-S 60mm f/2.8 lens. The lens is intended for macro. Until now all of my macro shots have been done with my standard lenses using a close-up/macro conversion kit. Now I will have native […]

The Difference A Developer Makes

I have developed my 4th roll of film, but I have made a slight change in one aspect of the process, I have switched to Kodak’s D-76 developer from the generic Adorama developer. This developer takes longer to work (meaning also its less harsh and allows for more flexibility). From analyzing the negatives this time […]

Film Photos: Roll ID 2010-003

My third roll of film. These shots are just as haphazard as before, but I let myself go a little more wild and actually do more subjects that interest me. The scanning process didn’t go too well for this roll and some other factors seem to have made the grain pretty intense. None of these […]