Faith, or Crisis Thereof

If this works out the way it’s supposed to, this will be my final post on the topic of religion (at least for this ranting period). Over the past few weeks I have come into closer contact with religion than I have in a long time. From a conversation about indoctrination of youth with Chris […]

Religion, Again

Didn’t I just write a post about this topic? Yes, I seem to recall that I did. This time the topic comes to me from the most unlikely of places, my History and Systems of Psychology course. The topic of the week for the discussion board is as follows: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was a […]


Religion has been on my mind a lot lately for a lot of reasons. First, its hard to be in society and not see some signs of it, whether it is a religious group on a university campus or more notably the mentioning of the impact of religion on society in several of my courses. […]