The Written Word

I used to think that the art of the written word was dead and would never come back to life. This blog entry may shock some, as I am writing this from a pen and real paper. I am using a Logitech IO Pen. This evening I found myself writing letters to people, something that I haven’t done in an while. This technology brings the human factor back into things. The Keyboard can never replace the connection between the writer and his mighty pen. We are in a digital world but we weren’t able to interact with our digital “stuff” naturally, I am laying on my bed with this pen and a notebook. What could be more natural? One day humans might have a better way to manage digital communications, but for now this is my preferred method. I used to write all the time, but when I met the keyboard I moved away from the pen, but my love of the instrument seems to have come through unharmed. I am now noticing so many quirks in my handwriting techniques I go back and write over things, have different ways of
writing the same letter and stuff.
You can view what I have actually
written at Wow, this really long in long hand. 3 lines for a URL is a bit nuts.
I can get my handwritten document in Logitech PEN format, JPEG or converted text. As I write this I wonder how much I’ll have to correct later. The program is supposed to adapt and learn. This could be interesting. The personal touch of handwriting is certainly better for me than harshly banging my keyboard for a blog entry, but somehow I am missing a train of thought when writing with the pen. I guess in time that will return.
The pen is mightier than the sword, and now the keyboard.