New Hosting

For the first time in several years I now have opened a web hosting account with an outside provider. DreamHost. I opened the account because it was a good deal and thought I could find some usefulness for it, plus Chris and I had been playing with the idea previously.
So far nothing has been done with the space, except for a little bit of playtime with the one-click installation stuff. I installed Wiki as well as WordPress and some other toys to play with. So far nothing really impressive, but it is kind of cool to have all of these things at my fingertips like this. It is so simple to go in and have the server to self configure for these applications.
I have come to the conclusion that I need to revise my naming system for my server/workstations. My old straight-forward naming system is boring and sometimes redundant. My externally hosted site is on, which I consider to be a cool name. Other motivations for this feeling are the 30 or so servers owned by Mozilla Foundation which all have unique and distinctive names, even though it seems like half are named after some type of sexually arounsed anphibian….
Anyway.. back to the topic at hand… my new vacancy area. The space is fully equipped for Perl, PHP and other technologies, which makes it perfect for anything I could want to do. One idea I had, at least for the summer, was to have a GITI development area for migrating all modules to v2. Since I am not doing anything this summer I can actually work on GITI and enjoy what I am doing. At the end of the summer I don’t know what I would do with the space (or the extraneous domain that came with it).
I fear moving something that already exists to a new host because of the long time since I trusted someone external with MY websites/domains.