Repurposing of a Blog

With so many of my blog entries I usually post images, especially those that are about my ceramic work. I have decided that most of my images need to be part of my blog in some way. Because of that decision I will most likely end up having the images reside on the blog’s domain, as opposed to my personal domain. This series of decisions could end up changing things a lot, or hardly at all, depending upon how far I take it. There are methods that integrate directly into MovableType, then there are some that are external. I have spent some time in the last few days looking at the different options, coming up with many I hate and a few I like. This could be a very big step for my blog, in moving towards where I would like to see it as an expression of myself. There is a sample of something similar to what I would like to do at for now (link is likely to expire in the near future if I scrap the use of this utility). I would really like some feedback on the concept and the tool itself. For me it doens’t seem to be close enough to the blog itself, which is something that could be changed with styling or with using a plug-in to the blog.