What To Do When You Meet A Homosexual

1. Do not run screaming from the room. This is rude.
2. If you must back away, do so slowly and with discretion.
3. Do not assume they are attracted to you.
4. Do not assume they are not attracted to you.
5. Do not expect them to be as excited about meeting a heterosexual as you may be about meeting a gay person.
6. Do not immediately start talking about your boy/girlfriend or husband/wife in order to make it clear that you are straight.
7. Do not ask them how they got this way. Instead, ask yourself how you got the way you are.
8. Do not assume they are dying to talk about being gay.
9. Do not expect them to refrain from talking about being gay.
10. Do not trivialize their experience by assuming it is a bedroom issue only. They are gay 24 hours a day.

5 thoughts on “What To Do When You Meet A Homosexual

  1. Oh, my, god. Im like the only gay guy in my quiet mountain town and everyone who meets me does freaking 1 or usually more of those 10 things. When I read this it was like, THANK GOD FOR SOMEBODY SMART!!! I don’t know and I don’t care if your gay or whatever but still, thank you for reasurring me that these reactions weren’t just to me.

  2. ola :
    como estas tu?
    yo soy rodriy si verdad el sordos tiene mi a�os 17
    homhre por normal cari�os el besitos conversa el amigos de ellos otros nose llamas no sobre lo mejor el amigos kien lindo apoyos gay importa a ahora yo soltero le siente chaoo grax cel cari�os chile pais tu por favor callate yo sordos mira ya acuerdo …?

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