One Year of Throwing

It has been one year since my Creative Artista pottery wheel arrived. With the arrival of the wheel last year, it brought back my creativity and desire to work with the clay medium. During my childhood clay was a very good way for me to pass time. I used to do some wheel stuff when I was younger, but I did more with handbuilding during that time. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was younger, and one of our favorite things to do was to play with clay. My grandmother used to become angry at my mother when she would give me “Play Dough”, she wanted me working with the real stuff. After my grandmother died and my grandfather remarried the one thing I was determined to get from his house was a small ceramic pitcher that my grandmother made while I was working on some other ceramic project. In the period of one year I have created a lot of new pieces and I feel like I have found myself again.
In this year I have gone from my first throw which looked like nothing more than a twisted volcano to some fairly nice pieces. In this year I have taught myself how to do feet on my pieces and I began glazing my finished pieces. Also in this year I did my first fired pieces. My portfolio of creations is continuing to expand as I become a more competent potter.
One year has gone by, hopefully my second year will be just as sucessful and productive.

One thought on “One Year of Throwing

  1. Hey Curtis,
    Having watched your work from both what you have been so kind to share with me ‘in person’ (so to speak) and those that I have seen on my own looking through your galleries, I’d say that you have in fact come along way and you have much to be proud of.
    The only thing I can say about your work that makes it better than what it is comes from the fact that you take such passion in what you do, and the story behind your desire to throw in the first place.
    Who knows, someday when you become a well known artist and forget all us little people, I can at least say I knew him when he was just starting out.
    I am hoping that you will enroll in some art courses in the future and bring yourself to even another level. You seem to be successful at anything you touch. I, too, look forward to what’s to come this year, as well as the next and the next and so on. Keep up the good work and may the clay continue speaking to you!

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