The Reason Glazing is an Experiment

I just opened the lid of the kiln from my most recent glazing. It was a load of 4 pieces, 2 of which glazed well, and 2 of which didn’t do so great. One of the not-so-good pieces is a bowl that I really had high hopes for. I really like the design that i did on that bowl, so I think I am going to try doing it again on a new bowl, but I might refine certain elements of it a bit, as well as use a heavier dose of glaze to make the colors not fade as they did on this first attempt. Images of the pieces (even the bad ones) will come soon.

One thought on “The Reason Glazing is an Experiment

  1. Hi Curtis long time no talk………Hey I own a business and want to know if you can make me some ceramic candle holders? love the glazing….let me know…I pay well.

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