Announcing: Clay Mentality

It brings me great joy to announce the completion of my new ceramics website, Clay Mentality. This is my formal return to having a web presence. Several years ago as I slowly let more things out of my life, I gave up on having a personal website. A personal website without passion is nothing more than a dynamic autobiography. In the art of ceramics, I have found my passion, and my desire to open my world to the eyes of everyone.
During the past few weeks I have been working on and off with this project, in order to give me some distance from it as I allowed it to evolve around my habbits. For the first time ever I have managed to keep a secret. Only one person has been privilleged to see this site before its launch; Chris has given me much input on the site’s design as well as provided me with some technical tips for some elements of the site. On the topic of the secret, I have never seen anyone more interested in seeing a website I have created as my friends seem to have been when I told them that they would have to wait. I would like to thank everyone for their paitience and support during the development of the site.
And without further rambleing, I am proud to introduce, Clay Mentality:
Clay Mentality –
In addition to the website I am also announcing the new gallery for my blog. I have selected a new software, which allows for flexibility, as well as added functionality. For all features to be availible to you, you will need to register with the gallery software. Once registered you will have access to any special galleries I may have decided to post privately, and you will have the ability to comment on images/galleries. Registering is important if you wish to interact with the gallery.
New Gallery –