Moments of Artistic Passion

In the past few weeks I have had to do a lot of seeking in myself to find a way to pull myself out of a fog I had been in since about the middle of spring. During the past two weeks I have reached my absolute lowest points, looking forward to very little, snapping at everyone and basicly making everyone else suffer because of my bad moods.
Now, for the point of this entry. During the past several days things have been improving. My hardest challenge currently is deciding which of my abandoned projects I wish to return to first, there are quite a few to select from. I can get more serious about ceramics, I can continue the upgrades to GITI, spend more time with the canvas to further explore painting, I can work on one of my numerous websites that I have abandoned or one of many other activities.
There is a point where going from not wanting to do anything, and then wanting to do things but finding that there are a lot of options sometimes becomes overwhelming. I have abandoned a lot of things that I would really like to do. I guess im just going to have to approach it slowly and find ways to ease myself back into it.