New Hobby for Fall

I have decided to take Drawing 1 during the fall semester for my pleasure. Drawing is something I have always had problems with, even something as simple as a sketch of a ceramic piece. I hope to be able to potentially take figure drawing in the spring. The human body has always been something that has fascinated me in the interpreted mediums (drawing, painting) and I would like to be able to attempt to capture the human body that way with at least a little bit of competence.
Because of this course decision, I will be enrolled in two studio courses for the fall semester. I know I can handle them without a problem, I just am starting to wonder about the sanity of some of my academic decisions (some UNCC Art students believe it is an evil thing to take more than one studio at a time).
To make things a little more fun for everyone to keep track of, I have courses at 3 schools during the fall. I will have an advanced programming course at CPCC, Drawing will be at Gaston, and something related to my degree will be at UNCC. I suspect it will be a fun and productive semester.