Spring 2008 Schedule Forming

Campus Reg ID Course Code Course Name Days Time Location Instructor
CPCC 19411 ENG-126 Creative Writing II Online Online Online Bostian
GC 006853 ART-132 Drawing II MW 19-21:46 CVA 5 Biggers
UNCC 20427 ARTC-2171 Ceramics Handbuilding TR 14-16:50 Rowe 192 Tweedy

So far I have picked 3 courses for spring. I am continuing Creative Writing with Creative Writing II, as well as continuing drawing with Drawing II. Creative Writing is with a different instructor, Drawing is still with Biggers. I am sort of going backward with ceramics, taking handbuilding after I have taken a Ceramics Studio course. I have gone as far as I can with the studio sequence without being an Art major and a BFA candidate. Oh, and this will be my fifth semester with Tweedy as instructor.
Registration Dates:

College Registration Opens
CPCC November 9
Gaston College November 12
UNCC November 15