Instructors Becoming Sedentary

Often times during an academic semester students and instructors get burned out and need a break from this, but usually it isn’t a month into the semester. I am having such a problem with my creative writing instructor this semester. He seems to never do anything. If assignments are supposed to be due on a Sunday, then it is nice to get the instructions for the assignment before Friday night. Presently I am waiting for an assignment for the first poem of the semester, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. This issue has been occurring since the 2nd week of the semester. He claims to always be “behind” and “busy”, but no real explanation as to why. He teaches 2 live Expository Writing courses, an online Argument Based Research course, and then online sections of Creative Writing 1 and Creative Writing 2. I would believe that an English instructor would be able to keep up with that load.
In addition to the slackassness in Creative Writing, my astronomy instructor is not keeping the online assignments up to date with the lectures, which is disturbing when I leave a lecture and would really like to use the website to evaluate my understanding of the material.
With Drawing II, we seem to have stalled on Chinese calligraphy. I like to be as internationally informed as anyone else, but spending 2 weeks on Chinese calligraphy doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere. The course has been running longer than any of the others, but I feel like the least accomplished has been in this course. I want to move on and do bigger things. The instructor seems to be running the combined sections of drawing 1 and drawing 2 as just as drawing 1 course, which irritates me slightly since I registered for drawing 2 to be able to move on to more advanced materials and techniques, not stagnate on line formation for 4 weeks.