Spring Break?

It has just occurred to me that instructors don’t really acknowledge spring break anymore. While there is no class held during spring break, there is no effect on online courses, and in-person classes still have assignments due. My Creative Writing class was on break this week (CPCC break), but assignments are still due on the same schedule. I have been working on the assignment all week, so it doesn’t really affect me, but still, there is no true break because work will still be due. Even more fun is the spring break with my drawing course, the instructor has already made it clear that there will be work that is to be done during that week. The only instructor who isn’t expecting something to be done during spring break is my astronomy instructor, he doesn’t want to see his students, think about his students or have anything to do with the course during the week. All he asks is that his students return to him the Tuesday after break completely refreshed and ready to take on more astronomy material.
I consider spring break to be a necessary break in the semester to allow the brain to recover from the information absorbed during the first part of the semester. Anyway, I’m probably just being irrationally cranky about nothing.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break?

  1. Its not irrational. Spring break is designed to be just that, a break from academics when the weather turns warmer and it makes it harder for students to concentrate.
    Instructors that have an attitude often try to cross that boundary and use the extra week of time. Pushback is kinda hard, since the perception of spring break being all about drunking and party.
    The last instructor is the sanest of the 3, the writing intstrctor probably is so behind they themselves forgot about the break. as for the 3rd, umm. that’s kinda silly, but its art.

  2. I think you should be outraged!!!
    Campus is suppose to be effectively closed during scheduled breaks. The only employees who are required (and in some cases, allowed) to work are those who have full-year positions, and there are very few of those who actually work on campus. I know this because my boyfriend works for the school system. He use to work for A&T and now he’s back with the county… and as much as I hate it… he never gets seasonal breaks…. he’s a year round position… teachers, however, are not.
    if I were you, I would speak to your dean…
    On-line classes are often under totally different rules… so I wouldn’t push that one… but in-class… that should be corrected.

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