Academic Changes

There is something I failed to report on in my blog…. I decided to completely drop American History 1 from my schedule for Summer. I will take it in the fall or as a self-paced course. I started the course and just realized I wasn’t into it or motivated for it at this time.
Also, last week I visited Gaston College and declared my intent to get the two degrees that I have earned from them. I will receive an Associates in General Education at the end of the summer semester and I will receive an Associates in Art at the end of the fall semester, or whenever I take American History and/or British Literature (or any literature course and history course I select). I have decided I will also take the steps toward an Associates in Fine Art at Gaston as well. Depending on how that goes, I will likely finish it off as a BFA at UNCC or another University in the area, perhaps even the Art Institute of Charlotte (yeah, right, when tuition checks write themselves).
Not that anyone cares, but I got authorization from my dean at Gaston College to transfer the Digitial Photography class back to Gaston for my AFA degree. Now I just have to get the departments to agree on what is supposed to happen to that form now that it is finished. The dean’s office tells me to take it to the registrar, the registrar tells me to send it to the registrar at the other school… I am so confused. If I send the form to the other school, how will Gaston know that they are supposed to credit me the way the dean specified?