My Phone’s Holster


Since Jared decided to comment on the material of the holster, I decided to go ahead and post information about the holster itself. It is a very simple holster and it is fairly universal between LG phones (it is shown here holding an older model LG phone). It is made of leather on all parts that come into contact with the phone, with an ABS plastic clip to attach to me.

One thought on “My Phone’s Holster

  1. Also, don’t underestimate that little pocket on the right side of your jeans (And most shorts now too)… most phones (your new one as well as mine) fit there perfectly snug…
    Plus, I think it looks kinda hot. Clips always seem stick out and scream “look at me”… stickin your phone here lets us know, you’re cool, but not overly amused with yourself.
    Btw, it rocks that I’ve been mentioned by name!

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