Public Sexuality

For my personal health and wellness course this semester I had to fill out a worksheet stating my feelings about sex and other assorted topics. As most of you know, I am gay, with a tendency to act asexual most of the time. I don’t make a lot of other information available to my general audience.
This evening on the course discussion board there was a married guy who was objecting to the worksheet and was requesting an alternate assignment because “Many of the questions are only acceptable for discussion between me, my wife, and my physician – certainly not in an academic environment.” If this was a survey at the start of a programming course I would agree with him, but its not, this is 2 weeks into “PERSONAL Health/Wellness”. Sexual health is part of the overall wellness circle, so we have to cover it. If I was dealing with a gym teacher and this material I would be more concerned about this, but my instructor is quite qualified in the area.
Below is the worksheet. The rules are that all questions must be answered to the best of our ability, and she will keep all answers confidential (unlike her human sexuality course which has to discuss everything openly).