Rethinking Ink

The ink thing didn’t go so smoothly at first. For some reason, I couldn’t get Windows Live Writer to write the correct path to the MovableType asset that it created. I had to login to the MT administration page for the first time in several days to correct the problem. I believe there was a configuration problem in WLW for the blog account itself, but I have fixed that problem now Smile. I’m back to doing FTP upload for my images, since I prefer that method locally anyway. Its amazing the number of things WLW will do for me without me having to think about them. That whole image resizing thing is easier now that it will do it for me from files and then post the files to the correct folder on the server. Only thing I am not too happy about is the way it names stuff. The previous blog has a file called cb4a7aaeea24_1298C\Ink258377682672.png stored in it. Very obnoxious, but in most cases it gives me folder names that are manageable and make sense.

Didn’t mean to tangent about the wonders of Windows Live Writer, back to Ink Blogging. I have no clue how I’m going to use it, but it now works correctly and I am a little excited about having it ready. dancing-banana


Anyone got any ideas on what I should do with this ability? How would you use an ink blog?