Stupid Privacy Policy Laws

I am never amazed at the stupidity of some people and organizations. Google has been in violation of a California law requiring commercial websites hosted in the state to have a privacy policy linked from their homepage for 5 years. Google has their policy available from their About page (one click from Home), but the people bitching about this say it isn’t good enough. Why is this such a problem? I don’t really get it. First of all, if you don’t see a policy listed, go the fuck away from the site. Second, this is Google, privacy is irrelevant, they collect data on everyone and store it for some unknown future project. Google could move its offices to Russia and then blackmail every person in the United States and we would all be fucked, so its already too late for all of us. Third, Google doesn’t require or even really encourage registration (except iGoogle), so all they can know and store is what you search for and your IP address and then where you go.
If you are afraid of what Google might be doing with information about you, it might be time to check yourself into a different Internet.