Why 10 email accounts?

I now have 10 email accounts in Thunderbird. Why? I don’t know. I don’t do enough shit to need that many accounts!

This is the oldest account in Thunderbird. I have had this email account for many years. This account now seems to be where a lot of crap I don’t care about ends up landing. I don’t read most of the mail that lands there. There is a bit of SPAM that goes to the box, but its a manageable amount. There is a wild-card address system associated wit the account that doesn’t really meet my needs anymore. With just throwing a few things around I can probably easily cut down the amount of "real" email that goes to this box and remove it from Thunderbird, checking it by web when I really need to.


I hardly get any mail on this account, but when I do it is personal or important, so I think I want to keep it in Thunderbird.  Kind of a fun domain name too, which always gets votes for keeping an account.


Email provided for me by a friend. Mostly for dealing with stuff from his website, usually of an erotic nature. I don’t really use this account anymore, and it is highly spammed, mostly because it has been so public for so long. I don’t really think I need to keep this in Thunderbird… or in some cases, at all. I get some email there, but only for things like Yahoo Groups, which I can easily move.


Another erotic purpose address. This one is probably a keeper, its kind of a cute address and I like it, so no need to remove it from Thunderbird, but it is further reason to remove the previous account from Thunderbird.


When I thought I was going to be a ceramic artist, this was a good address.  It gave me a foundation for creating a ceramic business. I’m not sure I want to do ceramics like that right now in my life, and I certainly don’t give out an email address on the domain to many people. I think I should kill the account and make it an alias account to go to one of my other remaining accounts, that will also remove it from Thunderbird. Maybe one day… if things change, I will reinstate it, but for now, I don’t need the excess bloat.


Well isn’t it obvious? Its my personal email on my family domain! I’ve got to keep it…. don’t I? Ok, heres the deal with this one. This is an email address I use all the time and keep up with, but I don’t ever read it in Thunderbird, honestly I think checking it with Thunderbird is fucking (WLW has flagged "fucking" as being misspelled) obnoxious. I almost always do this one with the Google GMail interface. Account will stay, but it doesn’t need to be in Thunderbird.


Designated junkmail collector! I have filtered, tagged and flagged this account really well in GMail, so its a really nice replacement for the above mentioned curtis.kularski.net address. I just added this one to Thunderbird this morning. I love using this box, but I can’t see myself ever checking it during the day regularly enough for it to matter. My voicemail goes there, my notifications for things go there, its like an all-in-one collector. It needs to be in Thunderbird.


ncsu.edu, uncc.edu, and unc.edu
These three encompass my academic email world, but honestly, they don’t need to be in Thunderbird all year round. I would love to find a way to consolidate all of these actually. I don’t mean find a way to get a NorthCarolina.edu address (would be UNC System Email), but more or less, pick a school to be my home and keep all of my email on one mail server. Only problem is, spacing isn’t allowed the same on all of them, so I don’t know what to do. I suppose I should pray and come back to these. It seems like every time I enroll in a class somebody wants to give me a free email address.


That leaves me with 6 addresses still to consider in Thunderbird. I guess baby steps are key here.


I should also confess… This isn’t all of my addresses, there are about 5 more that don’t even get considered in Thunderbird. I really don’t need all of the email addresses I have been given.