Another Exhausting Day In Clay

ok, so I didn’t start working with clay today until about 1:30… but it was 9:30 when I stopped for the day… so I’m not far from a full day of working with clay. I started the day with the intention of practicing bowls with rolled rims, and I threw several of them. A friend had asked me to make a q-tip container, and it came out more like a cotton ball container, so I might have to try that again tomorrow. In addition, I tried making a bottle… twice, and ended up making a vase both times. I have to go back to my artistic drawing board and remember how I used to throw bottles… maybe I should document how I do things and keep a record for my own reference. After throwing those pieces I made dinner, then went out for a bit and in general mucked around (WLW’s suggested phrasing) for a while until some of the pieces were ready to trim. The 3 smallest bowls and the lid for the qtip container were ready to trim.. the other bowls wait to be trimming…most likely in the morning. The vases are good as is (and very light as is). 


Here is an instructional video that I used to get started with roll rimming my bowls by European ceramic artist, Simon Leach.