Moving Records is Hard

Three issues have come up in regards to me moving records around lately.

First, earlier in the spring I prepared paperwork for getting my associate level degrees finalized… unfortunately, there was no high school transcript on file for me at Gaston, even though they have a partial transcript for me as well as having me enrolled in their dual enrollment programs while I was in high school. I requested a transcript to be sent sometime around a year ago when I originally registered for my drawing 1 class. After being told when preparing my applications by the registrar that it still wasn’t on file, I had the county records office prepare and send a transcript… I called a week later to make sure everything was ok, but it still wasn’t on file, so I called the next day and it still wasn’t. I haven’t called back again, and I haven’t been told anything about it from either side… so I’m hoping it has been received and logged. I am planning to call tomorrow to check up on this as well as the next issue.


Second, my transcript from CPCC for summer has been sent to Gaston… it has had over a week to get there and be evaluated, but still, no evaluation appears on my record or has been sent to me via postal mail. Either Gaston is slow… or there is a missing transcript somewhere. I will check on the status of this, along with issue #1 when I call in the morning. The registrar’s office usually moves pretty quickly.


Finally, I contacted UNC today because of an issue with my records in general, my record doesn’t show the digital photography course in my "complete undergraduate record". At the same time I inquired as to if my transcript had been mailed yet… I was told not to worry about my first question, but the second question was ignored. Curious and having bad luck with transcripts lately, I emailed the student services division (not records) to determine my transcript status… I was informed: "We have no record of a request for you". GREAT! So…another transcript goes MIA…. The nice person at the registrar’s office told me to refax my form and she would give it priority processing… I sent it again, and she said it was received fine and the transcript goes out in the morning. I think I will give the registrar’s office at Gaston a heads up when I call them tomorrow about issues #1 and #2… just so they know to expect it. I’m wondering how  much work I will have to do to make sure that the course is transferred properly once the transcript arrives.


I remember when I used to have no problem getting all of my schools to send transcripts to each other and the registrar’s office at each school managed to keep up with things appropriately (except UNCC, who always demanded an official transient study form when they got a transcript). Things were always simpler when there were just 2… or even 3 schools to sync up. Now at 4 (potentially becoming 5 in a future semester) it just makes things hard.