Picking an Art

It seems like every artist has a primary specialization. They are sculptors, painters, graphic artists, ceramists or a variety of other titles…anyone simply called "artist" is usually a painter, or is a lazy person who smokes too much pot. I don’t know what my specialization would be. I have been in ceramics the longest, but I’m not sure how much I am married to it in the long run. I enjoy almost any art form I start just as much as ceramics, although, with things like photography and drawing I am not as easily able to venture out into a self-guided attempt as much as I am with ceramics. So where does the decision start? When does an artist declare their "primary medium"?

One thought on “Picking an Art

  1. Stop trying to limit yourself… You can be whatever you want to be, you don’t need a “primary medium”. You are a Renaissance Man, a rather talented one at that. Limiting your means of expression is the exact opposite of what art is all about. Free yourself and let yourself explore every facet of yourself. And, don’t be afraid to do it.
    You concentrate too much on this idea that we have to define ourselves by what we do: I’m a major, I’m a medium artist, I’m going to be when I get done with school…. Just be you Curtis. The world (and those of us in it) are lucky to have you. The only thing we care about you being is you, Curtis!
    Love you bro, now go play in some mud and take some pics of it 😉

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