Overwhelming Syllabi

I currently have two courses open and active, but already I feel like I am a little overwhelmed by the syllabi and the course information stuff. I don’t know quite where to begin with stuff. I suspect it might be my tiredness, but I really want to get started with the courses, but feel too confused to really dive in. Tomorrow after I get my hair cut I will likely feel better and more able to handle getting going on my two courses at CPCC and the one already active at Gaston.

One thought on “Overwhelming Syllabi

  1. I’m here for you on our shared course. I hope I can be as much help to you as you have already been to me…
    As for the other courses, I have no doubt that you will triumph over them as you always do. But, should you need it, I’m always here to whisper in your ear and bring you back down from the panic.

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