Scary Academic Stuff

Today in the mail I received a fun little notice from Gaston College:

August 25, 2008

Dear Student:

Our records indicate that you did not complete the required course work indicated on your Petition for Graduation form for your degree. This deficiency in your record prohibits you from receiving your degree at this time. However, we invite you to take this Fall 2008 semester to complete your requirements for graduation.

If you feel an error has been made in the computation of your academic work, please contact the office of Records and Registration at 704-922-6232.


Lynn Dellinger


First of all, "Dear Student:"… if I really cared about the degree much, I might be a little more freaked at this point than "Dear Student:" would be good enough for. Next, I have two degrees outstanding, which one? (btw, adding another to the record soon). Finally, umm.. "what requirement?". The letter is a little vague.

I called the registrar’s office and asked what was up. First of all, I was asked for my name, and not my student ID number, then I heard some papers rustling, followed by being told what was missing.  So for once, personal service. I found out I was missing HIS-131 (duh!) on my Associate of Arts. This is of course due to the part where Gaston can not yet see CPCC’s registration records to be able to know that I am registered for it. Next, I seem to be in the wrong literature course. I stated on my Petition for Graduation that I would be taking ENG-231… well, my plans changed, and I’m in ENG-131 instead. 131 is a much wider course that doesn’t use as much Shakespeare.

The registrar had a solution to both problems for me, first, remember to send a transcript from CPCC at the end of the semester for HIS-131 (I also sent a copy of my schedule to them earlier). For the literature course, it is a little more difficult. I have to seek approval of my dean for a "course substitution". Not happy about that, but I guess I have to. The courses are identical in effect on the degree,  with the exception of after a petition has been filed apparently.

Tomorrow I get  to apply to enter the Associate in Fine Arts degree program, get the authorization of a dean to change courses and check with the registrar to make sure they haven’t shredded my degree petition.