Sculpture Supplies

Today I went shopping for supplies for my sculpture project. I first went to Hobby Lobby, where I was originally in search of "Sculptamould". I found none. After a bit of browsing and amusing myself with looking at electric trains, model truck kits (btw, if anyone sees an F350 kit, please let me know), drawing supplies and a variety of other things, I ran into the 5/8" dowels that I am going to use to make my staff. My staff will be over 6ft tall and supported by a really cool stand. After picking up my rods I found something else I liked, a mould for a face… I know I can integrate that into the project. I debated on getting some plaster of Paris, decided not to get it, until I saw the mould, then I changed my mind. Also picked up some paints and other odds and ends. Headed off to Lowe’s after that. I had to pick up a metal rod for my ceramics project, its similar to my staff project, except its called a "garden totem". I got some rebar, since I thought the green metal garden stakes that the instructor originally recommended were too wimpy. At Lowe’s I also picked up the stuff I needed to make my stand for my staff.

Tomorrow I get to go in and start working on both projects. I’m feeling overwhelmed, but excited as well. Sculpture is a whole new world for me.