"Studio" Art Course Concerns

The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) uses a course called "ART 288" or "Studio" as a catch-all course for all studio areas, providing an upper-level studio, which is sometimes handled as an independent study. Most community  colleges implementing the course use it with special designations such as ART 288 C (ceramics), 288 P (painting), 288 PH (photography), 288 PR (printmaking), and a variety of others. Some colleges, such as CPCC even use a different course title for them, identifying them as "%StudioArea% Studio". This still leaves the records very vague when attempting to transfer the credits, since most schools only recognize the "ART 288" portion and then transfer the credit accordingly, usually as a general elective or as an art elective. Surprisingly, the course is still allowed in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) as a premajor/elective course, the same class of course as most upper level studios. How can such a general course be accepted in the CAA at all? I would think that separate studio courses at that level would have been more appropriate, especially since there is a restriction on the number of times 288 can be taken. It can only be taken once without it being counted as a repeated course, making it impossible to complete a 288 in an additional studio area without being partially penalized for it and essentially receiving no credit for the course.