Another Academic Update

ART115 – Art History II – Got through the first module with no problems. I got an 80 on the quiz, but got 100 on both of the discussion assignments, so I’m happy for that. It seems like it is going to be a very fun course. I am still learning how to prepare for this course.

ART281 – Sculpture I – I am working very hard on my first project. My personal staff is coming along nicely in concept, but I haven’t really spent much time working on it physically. I’m thinking of going fairly simple with it.

ART288C – Ceramics Studio – This course is moving a little faster than sculpture, even though it is the same instructor. I am mostly finished with my garden "totem", I just have to fire it and then glaze it. I might do a few more spare parts for it, but I am overall happy with it. This is easier than the staff, this is just simple shapes that I like.

CSC153 – C# Programming – This course seems to have been designed for a 10 week schedule. Nothing was officially due until yesterday. I have gotten that work done, as well as some other work. I am making good progress towards the next deadline of September 27th. The course is self-driven, which is a new concept to me in this type of course. It is almost like an independent study attempt at the subject. The course fits into my schedule very nicely, because it really has no schedule of its own.

ENG131 – Introduction to Literature – Lit is going as Lit goes, slow and boring. I am not sure I understand where the course is going, we are reading a really weird comic book that reminds me a little of the diary of Anne Frank, except a lot less coherent and with a lot more opinion. I don’t like the book, or its "comic" approach to the topic.

HIS131 – American History I – History is going VERY well. I have gotten through the first module, did the first quiz (twice), got 90% on the quiz, and will have an opportunity to earn the other 10% back.  I am getting a hold on the material fairly well. I am enjoying myself, which has completely shocked me. I do like history, I guess I just have to be able to do it at my own pace, and not at 9am.


Overall I am happy, except for the 9am ceramics class, which I am adapting to.