Current Condition of Classes

Presently I have classes that feel a bit like they are in very different conditions. I am feeling very good about American History  1, Art History  II, and Ceramics Studio. I am feeling more shaky with Intro to Literature as well as Sculpture. Literature is a bit misguided and in Sculpture I am just not very motivated. I get no sense of direction in Sculpture, and the course is starting to seem more pointless to me every day.

C# is in a class by itself, its self paced, and I am keeping up with the deadlines. I think it will work out fine.

I am on course for an A in American History, and at present, a B in Art history, but that can change any moment, there are a lot of assignments left. I feel like I can get back into the flow of things with Literature, I am just not presently very comfortable with the course and its delivery method. Sculpture is feeling more  lost, or more accurately I am feeling lost in it. The only course I am considering dropping is Sculpture, but I don’t like the idea of giving up like that. Its one of those things where if I keep the course I might not have a 4.0 GPA anymore, or if I withdraw I certainly won’t be on the President’s list for the semester. I feel like my only option is to fight it out and try to make it work.