Instructors Abusing Web-based Courses

This semester I am noticing a horrible trend among instructors of web-based courses, they are abandoning the courses for days (or weeks in some cases) and being generally unresponsive when students attempt to communicate with them. For my self-paced C# course I expected that, but not in my Art History and Literature courses. Chris and I both have a substantial amount of coursework online. For him, its his first time in such a situation, and in my opinion, instructors being complete morons does not help get students adjusted to college. This semester that has been a lot of absent minded assignment dropping and running.

I waited over 10 days to get a response to my problem with Art History, and I still only received a half-ass response, although, with the most recent test, the problem seems to have been corrected. The BIGGEST problem I am having with C# and Art History is that the modules for future weeks are not available anymore. For C# they went away to be updated from C# 2005 to C# 2008. For Art History, they went down to go from Janson Art History to Gardner’s Art History, since there was a bookstore mix up. Neither course has had its  modules restored yet, and for Art History, the slow leaking of weekly work by the instructor shows that the materials still haven’t been updated. As for Literature, I still feel like something is missing there, but in general, the instructor does seem to be available upon request, but she doesn’t show up a lot otherwise.

For American History and Literature, I was told LAST weekend that stuff was being graded, as of today, there are no new grades in either course and the class averages haven’t changed.