Anxious for Grades

I am anxiously watching the grade pages for 3 of my classes. I have a paper in Art History and one in American History that were turned in well over a week ago that I am waiting for grades on, and also a mid-term in C# that I turned in just a few days ago.

I am worried about my Art History paper because there is now a class average, but I haven’t received a grade, and the instructor received our papers by email, so I worry that mine went into an SMTP black hole somewhere or perhaps a SPAM trap and will never return (I am only worried from the grade standpoint, I have a backup of the paper stored on a network drive as well as burried in GITI).

I’m not too worried about American History because it was turned in by a traceable web interface (Moodle) and the instructor has been out of the country for the past week.

C# I am just annoyed by. There are averages appearing which means some have been graded, but mine hasn’t been yet. I really want to know how well/bad I did on the mid-term. It was a two part exam, which made it more fun for me. It was a knowledge test (questions) and a practical exam (programming assignment). It felt like what I always expected a midterm to feel like.

If they were 3 little assignments I wouldn’t be this anxious, but they are big parts of my grade and I badly want to know.