Still no chair, but I have an advisor

I still have not heard back from a department chair (or the online programs coordinator), but today I was finally admitted to the department of psychology and assigned an official advisor.

Just in time it would seem, because I am starting to wonder if the transfer advisor that has been assisting me up to this point is dumber than a box of rocks. I asked a simple question about whether or not the articulation agreement (the NCCCS-to-UNC CAA) would cover a “speech education” requirement in the general education requirements, more specifically I asked if it was a “lower-division requirement”, to which, she replied “I assume that will be addressed, then, once you have completed the degree.” What does me not yet having my A.A. transferred have to do with that requirement being in the lower division or not?

Anyway, I have emailed my new advisor and I am eagerly awaiting a reply from her, but unfortunately I still have to deal with the transfer ditz for a little while longer until my gen-ed stuff is taken care of.