Possibilities for Portals

In an email this evening my literature instructor asked me what my plans were for my portal… at first I had to remind myself which site I had identified as potentially becoming a portal, and then I remembered, the curtis.kularski.net project. I honestly do not know what I plan to do with it completely. There are so many aspects of me, and I would like to incorporate them all, but I am a very complex person. It is programmatically difficult for me to implement Site Engine in the way I want at this point. Another problem I am facing is the concept of the “groups” of people. Those groups are becoming less diverse as I become more comfortable with myself in general. I no longer fear people knowing a lot about me, so really my world gets broken up into: public, friends, family (biological), and academic. In some ways my academic life could safely cross into the same category as “friends” for access level, but that might present too much of a “too much information moment”.

The portal idea is becoming more feasible however, as my art prepares to enter its own special virtual gallery. The portal, the gallery, and the blogs… that is my world, and its a small world after all.