Waiting for Grades

This should feel like a three times annual procedure by now. Finish all of my course work and then wait patiently, or not so patiently, for instructors to enter grades. This semester is a little different though, and I can’t put my finger on why. I am usually so very hyper and waiting for grades is almost like an Olympic sport, but this semester it is like I am waiting for fates to decide if I have done well enough or not to get an A in a particular course, while other courses the anticipated grade is much clearer. I am calm, but almost so calm that I am depressed. I don’t want the semester to be over, I want there to be more to it. I have enjoyed my courses so much this semester that it is just sad that they are over. The spring semester will start soon enough I suppose, but what am I supposed to do now? I have been filling my days and evenings (or late nights, early mornings and afternoons) with doing classwork or with avoiding particular assignments that I felt particularly procrastinistic (or procrastinatory, neither are real words, but oh well) about.
I have been avoiding art a lot this semester, probably because I have been busy doing other things, but now it seems a little strange to just jump back to them. It has gotten cold outside now, which makes ceramics a pain for me, as I have no good indoor wash-up facility for it. Drawing seems too time consuming and requires me being patient with myself as I find my hand again. Photography… while always easy to do and fun, its been freaking cold this week.
I’m noticing a pattern here, my excuse for everything seems to be that it is cold outside. Perhaps I’m suffering from a bit of seasonal affective disorder since winter seems to have hit so suddenly?