Psychology Course Difficulties

I am beginning to worry about the courses I am taking this semester. I am not doing horribly in Cognitive Psychology or Theories of Personality, but I am not doing as well as I would like. I feel like I am putting more effort into the courses than I usually would. These courses are also occupying a lot more of my time than the other courses I have this semester. I don’t know that I have ever had online courses as demanding as these. I plan to stick with these courses and do what I can to work towards an A in both of them. The biggest things bothering me in both courses at the moment are the discussion boards, which I am having a hard time dealing with as well as the quizes on book material. The problem with the quizes is perhaps the most troubling so far. They are open book, but yet I am not able to locate the information in the text like I feel I should be able to, usually costing me a question or two. I am only 2 weeks into these courses so I am no where near giving up yet, but in my quest for academic perfection, they are starting to get in the way.