Lack of Things “Server Oriented”

I am beginning to feel that the number of “server apps” that are being actively maintained is way too small. There are so many tasks I wish I could defer to my server systems without having to connect to the server system through a graphical method to do. One such task is Flickr uploads. My laptop does not really love doing uploads, the primary reason is the wireless connection, it isn’t as fast as my wired network. In general, anything that takes “time” (CPU, network, or other “machine active waits”) I would love to throw to one of my server machines that is 1. optimized for such tasks and 2. I am not directly relying on the interface for. Otherwise, apps that have to process, upload or anything of the sort, gets in my way. A lot of the tasks I would like to defer are related to image manipulation I believe. Those are the tasks that are the most time-consuming.

Am I crazy for wanting to be able to right click a list of files on my server, then select “Upload to Flickr via Server”? Maybe I should pull out Visual Studio and see what I can do with the Flickr APIs for that one.