Reinstall is a Lot of Work

  • Windows XP SP3 Base Install
    • Install forgotten network card driver
    • Join domain
    • Install Dell QuickSet
    • Install FireFox
      • Plugin
      • Download Helper
      • Flash
    • Install Thunderbird
      • Accounts (about 7 of them)
    • Install Office 2003 (not using 2007 on laptop yet)
      • Install Office Service Pack 3
      • Install Office 2007 converter pack
    • Install Winamp
    • Install Windows themes
    • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Install Pidgin
      • Configure GTalk
      • Configure AIM
      • Configure Yahoo
    • Install ACDSee
    • Install PuTTY
    • Install Programmer’s Notepad
    • Install Windows Live Writer
    • Configure Application Defaults


The slipstream saved me from installing the service pack, which probably cut about an hour off of the install time, and also, most of my drivers were already installed and ready to go. Biggest pain is the settings for the individual apps (Pidgin, WLW primarily). Otherwise, everything was smooth, but a reinstall is still an absolute bitch and not something I want to do on a regular basis.

I’m sure I’m still forgetting something, but I will take care of that later.