Road Runner Turbo with Wireless

Along with the deal I got suckered into for having TWC for 2 years, I received the Road Runner Wireless Home Networking service. TWC provides very few details about the service initially, except that it provides wireless access for several machines. Originally the service was not installed because an appointment was never scheduled for it. I didn’t worry about it at first, until discovering that my uncle’s contract was terminated because when TWC attempted to install his wireless and he refused the service. Instead of marking the work order as complete and ignoring the issue, the tech reported a user request to cancel the service (he had no way of knowing that it was in a contract package). I began to fear things being reversed if I didn’t accept the service, so I scheduled an appointment (after being told that I could not self install).

This morning was the day scheduled for the install. The appointment was for 1 – 3pm. The tech called at 12:30 and arrived before 12:45. I was originally told that the ticket (the install was submitted as a trouble ticket since it was TWC’s error that it was not scheduled) was for a tech to bring an install a wireless router. I was surprised that the tech brought in a wireless MTA modem. I did not like the idea originally, since the replacing of a modem is often the worst thing that can happen to a Road Runner user (modems either work or have quirks, we adapt to the quirks we are familiar with). The old Arris modem worked great and I was a little sad to see it go. That being said, the new modem is so sweet. Its a Ubee U10C022 and has so many cool features, including multiple VLANs, a public access side (family can connect without being admitted to my actual network) and the ability to route multiple networks. The access point portion also seems particularly strong.

Not what I originally wanted, but I do like the device.